7 Moments That Made Us Cry On Day 8 Of TRL


Pass the tissues We really felt all of the energy coming from the TRL Giving Liam Payne a plaque for his platinum single. Casual. Liam Payne answering rapid fire questions from fans Props to him for getting through it! The epic dance team battle We felt like we were living out of a scene from Stomp The Yard. Liam Payne hinting at a One Direction reunion No confirmation on when it's scheduled, but it's going to happen eventually and Directioners hearts will burst into a million pieces. Liam Payne's sexy performance of "Strip That Down" Our bodies weren't ready. Liam Payne beating Matt Rife in the flip bottle challenge Pitbull presenting our third TRL scholarship winner with her check TRL Pop TV Pitbull liam payne ABOUT ARCHIVE '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚

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