Here’s The Camila Song You Should Listen To Based On Your Mood


A track-by-track guide to Camila Cabello's new album 12h ago No matter how you'™re feeling heading into the weekend '” excited, confident, sulky, or all of the above '” Camila Cabello'™s got a song for you. The 20-year-old singer'™s debut album, CamilaRolling Stone, 'œI feel that it has a good balance of the emo and the happy' '” and she wasn'™t kidding. She covers all the highs and all the lows in stunningly relatable fashion. Here'™s your handy guide to which new song you should listen to, based on how you'™re feeling right now. 'œNever Be the Same' head-over-heels in love Whether you'™ve been in love with someone or not, you can probably relate to feeling so much at once that it hurts. That'™s what Cabello grapples with here, as she breathily coos about losing her control. 'œAll These Years' nostalgic Running into an ex can be the best or the worst feeling in the world, and for Cabello, it comes with nagging questions about what could'™ve been. It'™s pretty masochistic to dig up old wounds and subject yourself to this kind of aching regret, so proceed with caution! 'œShe Loves Control' Bossy and brassy, this is Cabello flaunting her total confidence and command. In other words, this should absolutely become your go-to anthem for when you need to be reminded that, yes, you'™re fabulous, and no, you shouldn'™t hand over the reigns to anyone.

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