Nurys' Nip Slip May Have Just Saved The Are You The One? Game


After her big reveal, she's no longer Malcolm's 'ride or die' m ago It was the most intentional of nip slips, and it very well could be what saves this Are You The One? game. Following Nurys and Malcolm's confirmed no-match in the Truth Boothmost commonAYTO. The recovering player went so far as to dub Nurys his "ride or die" and fend off the advances of his former main chick and potential perfect match Diandra. That is, until Nurys made a grave mistake involving her boobs and a popular ice-cream sundae topping. What exactly happened? After winning a sumo-wrestling match, Michael was dared to lick chocolate syrup off of Nurys' bare bazookas -- and Nurys never backs down from a dare. It was at this time that Malcolm walked in and immediately blew a gasket in his girl's general direction. "You disrespected the f**k out of me," he shouted at Nurys. "How old are you? Are you a grown-ass woman, or are you still in high school?" "I want someone loyal," Malcolm stated. "And I feel like Diandra is definitely loyal. I'm 'bout to honestly see where it can go with her. It's game on." The duo then quickly retreated to the Boom Boom Room. Game on, indeed. MTV Shows TV Are You The One? ABOUT ARCHIVE '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚ '‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚'‚

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