Saudi Arabia and Qatar are fighting again over pilgrims going to Mecca


Qatar has accused Saudi Arabia of deliberately making it difficult for its pilgrims to obtain permits to go to Mecca. udes closing the Doha-based, state-funded television station Al Jazeera, severing ties with Iran and closing Turkey's air base in Qatar.Despite the schism, Qatari pilgrims to Mecca and Medina were initially unimpeded by Saudi Arabia in traveling to the Muslim holy lands.Now, however, Qatari pilgrims have said they will not travel on the Hajj because of security concerns and a degree of bad will toward their Saudi hosts. "There is hatred on both sides now, so yeah, I wouldn't feel comfortable showing my passport in hotels or other places in Saudi," Mohammed, a civil engineer who declined to give his second name, told Reuters.Qatari officials have said only a small number of Qataris are expected to attend this year's event. Saudi Arabia has said more than 400 Qatari pilgrims have arrived through the Salwa border crossing since it was reopened under the deal. Up to 1,200 Qataris are eligible for the Hajj under an annual quota system operated by Riyadh.Request Reprint or Submit Correction Join the Discussion Most Read Sign up for our Newsletter Sign up Update your preferences » Related Stories Qatar Must End Its Support For Terror In Libya Saudi Arabian Singer Arrested for Dabbing at Festival Choose a Membership That's Perfect for You! Print & Digital Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access Subscribe Print Only Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access Subscribe Digital Only Website access Daily Newsletter Subscribe Newsweek© 2017 Newsweek LLCAbout UsCorrectionsContact Us

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