The Wild, Weird and Wonderful of CES 2018


Another year, another CES Foreo UFO It was late Friday afternoon before CES week, and I was waiting for an important parcel, so when a UPS delivery turned up at my door, I expected it to be mine. No, it was a curious package from Croatia with a mysterious black box containing, well, two sets of alien catapults and a sealed envelope. The mystery boxInside the box campaigns, which doesn’t necessarily indicate any level of quality, but it’s an interesting trend. But I am not the target audience for a product like the UFO, so what do I know, if you’re interested in finding out more, here’s their Kickstarter campaign. Lovebox Another product the result of a successful Kickstarter, I was initially confused by the point of the Loveboxactually did. It’s a small box with a heart and an LCD screen inside. Send it a message, the heart spins, and you take the lid off to read the message sent to you. Initially, it seems dumb, but the company is pushing into the B2B space, and here it starts to make more sense. Imagine having one in your hotel room, and the concierge sends you a morning message. It seems pointless, and would any staff member do it, but still, in principle, it’s a nice idea. The LoveboxPebby pet sitter the Pebby website. The PebbyElucidator smart sword The Elucidator is a life-sized version of the one-handed sword wielded by the main character, Kirito from Sword Art Online. Which means nothing to me, so I’m not the target audience, but still is there much of a need for a 2,000 LED, voice-activated smart sword? Maybe? 3D face scanning The Volo wireless hairdryer I sadly do not need a hair dryer anymore, but the Volo The Square off connected chess board If you can have a smart sword, then why not a smart chess board? Square off allows you to play chess with real people, or an AI across the internet but use a physical board that moves the pieces as your opponent moves them. I have a little bit of a soft spot for devices that bring connectivity into the ‘traditional’ physical world, but I’d find it more appealing if it was somehow a generic game board and not restricted to chess.

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